Almost Doesn’t Count

I almost stayed in bed today. 

I almost ran by myself, opting to run in solitude for what I expected was a hard run at a slow pace.

I almost stopped at mile 1.6.

I almost called it quits when I saw those hills.

I almost decided not to cross that big long bridge.

I almost cried at mile 6. 

I almost let the pain, shame,  and embarrassment of being so out of practice with running prevent me from going just a few more steps. 

I almost cheated myself out of 8 miles. 


And I’m glad that none of those “almosts” became realities.

Because today I almost forgot how effing great it feels to hurt, to strive, to push, to persevere, and to run.

And what a monumental loss that would have been.

Here’s to finding your limits…and pushing past them.

Happy running! 🙂


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