Running Inspired


Today I had a really good run. You know, the kind of run where, even though it might get tough or you might get tired, at the end you just feel alive? One of those kind of runs. And it was just so amazing to feel like I was somehow waking up.

Most of the summer I spent my time avoiding running. Either because it was too hot outside, or because my bed was too comfortable, or whatever reason I could come up with not to get out of the house and run. Sure, I ran from time to time and thanks to the ladies of my running group I was able to get in at least 1 run a week. However, I knew that for me this summer well and up being more of a break from running than anything else. For most of the summer I really felt bad about that…but looking back…maybe it was for the best.

With the seasons about to change and the weather cooling down a bit I am super excited about running! There are so many races I’ve got planned this fall alone!

Even though its not fall yet, we’ve been getting some cooler weather lately that has gotten me to thinking about what lies ahead. The fall really represents a return ro running for me, and today was a good indicator of how much I’ve missed being away. I ran a pretty darn solid 4.6 miles this morning. It was supposed to be a recovery run, slow and easy, but I decided I wanted to take advantage of the cool weather and really push it. All in all, this was my result:



Very nice!!! My splits for the run looked something like this…


Not too shabby!

What I am most proud of is the effort I put into this run. It wasn’t about trying to beat the clock or hitting a certain pace. It was just running smart. Running inspired. Running like I knew I could. I walked, I slowed down, I listened to what my body said and was able to tell the difference between what I could do versus what I wanted to do. Learning those subtleties makes all the difference in the world, and I’m glad I’m learning.

Anyone else out there have a great workout so far this week? I hope so! And if not, well there’s always tomorrow. Me? I’ve got a much needed Body Flow class in the early morning. Nothing like a lil yoga/tai chi/pilates fusion to start the day. Till next time!


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