A Word on Fitness

Fitness should be fun.

It’s not meant to be a chore and should never feel like punishment. Sure, it’s going to be hard…you will break a sweat…you will probably be sore for a few days after a tough workout…or maybe even feel a tinge of loss/regret from passing over the brownie and choosing the fruit salad instead.

Fitness is work.

In anything we do in life we always expect to give our best effort and our full attention. Why should we not do the same for our bodies?

Fitness can be fun.

Imagine all the new foods you can try – foods that will help, not hinder, your progress.

Think about all the years you’re adding back to your life by choosing healthier practices.

What about that awesome feeling you get when you notice your clothes are fitting you differently as you become more lean and loose the excess weight.

Fitness is a part of wellness.

To lead a balanced and productive life we need to start from within…not only looking internally at our spiritual and mental state of being, but physically looking within as well to assess where your physical self could use some development and strengthening.

Some of us have spent many a night, or perhaps most of our lives wishing and hoping that out health would somehow get better…that the pounds would just roll off…that we could finally feel as though we have control over our relationship with food.

Aren’t you tired of wishing?

I know I am.

Let’s get to work.


4 thoughts on “A Word on Fitness

  1. Love this! You are so right. Fitness takes effort, but it should totally be enjoyable. Which is why I don’t run. I HATE running. I will walk, bike, hike, even use the elliptical, but I REFUSE to run.

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

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