A Kick Ass Week

This past week marked a return to the world of fit. Better eating. More gym time. And running almost daily.

This week was an experiment of sorts. I wanted to see what it’d be like and how I’d feel if I were to workout daily and pay closer attention to my eating. Every day, whether it was in the early am or after work, I made time for a workout. I ran, I did yoga, I weight trained, I zuumba’d. I ate healthy meals, used portion control, and chose fruit and froyo over chips and ice cream.

I felt like a fitness goddess, and it was marvelous. Every sweaty moment of it.

And the payoff? Aside from being impressed with my own dedication…was a 5 lb weight loss!! That has been the first substantial weight loss in months! I’m quite pleased with the results, and this week I am hoping for a repeat of the intensity and dedication I had last week.

Since we were experiencing a bit of a heat wave down here last week, most of my work was done indoors at the gym. Not TOO bad considering how I tend to dislike the treadmill. Surprisingly though…it wasn’t so bad! Total mileage this past week was around 11-12 miles, which is low for me, but on the plus side I was able to do more cross training than usual.

Today was Sunday Funday LongRunDay *smile* and I did 7 outside on my favorite trail.


*sigh* simply serene

Along the way I discovered something…my comfortable/easy pace has apparently gotten about 45 – 60 seconds faster! How exciting is THAT! It was a good run, though a lil difficult as the sun continued to rise and the day…but with views like these how could I NOT enjoy myself???



Here’s to a great week!!!


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