Running While Weary

I don’t know about anyone else, but it has proven white difficult to get at least 7 hours of sleep these days. What I usually end up doing is hitting my snooze button over and over…or resetting the alarm altogether.

Either way, that doesn’t bode well for my morning runs.

In true form, my morning run that was supposed to start at 5.30am started somewhere around 7.30am…I know…I know…But at least I ran, right?

The run itself was meant to be an easy 4 miles, but I cut it down to 3 since I was in a crunch for time. Wise life choice, since once I got on the trail to start running it hit me how tired my legs were from the weight training I’d done the night before.

Still, I pressed on and wound up having a lovely time. I mean, with views like this:


my favorite trail

How can you NOT have a great time?

Tomorrow morning is a Body Flow (yoga/pilates/tai-chi blend) class at 6 am. Which means if I want those 7 hours of sleep I need to hit the bed by 10.30 tonight.


I make no promises on that one.

Till next time!


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