Back in the Saddle

Today I ran a nice 4 miles. Mt first run in almost 2 weeks. Had it not been for the fact that I knew I had the fabulous ladies of Black Girls Run waiting for me to show at our group run, I might have slept in…

So glad I didn’t.

While running I had some time to think about somethings. One thing namely.

The Marathon.

About 4 months away, and I am still not yet convinced that I’m ready to take it on. Do I think I can get to that point within the next 4 months?


However, to get myself ready I need to face some very real truths.

1. Long runs in the summer are not appealing to me.
2. There are days when I would much rather sleep in than go running
3. Getting up at 5 am to run is just not something I desire to do.

What does this mean? Well, it means I will be tweaking my training plan yet again. Dialing down those longer runs, pushing the 20 mile run back to September versus trying to run it now, and running at least 4 days a week to continue to increase my weekly mileage and further condition my body.

I very much want to finish this race, and I want to do so smartly and safely. Which means that sometimes you have to alter one’s plans on the path to achieving one’s goals.

Happy Sunday!


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