What I’ve Been Up To

Well it feels like I’ve been doing a bit of slacking lately. Last week I committed to a running steak with Runners World, but in true fashion, I let my zeal for running and all things fitness take over and I caused a little stress to my hip flexor.

The past few days have been spent resting, but yesterday I had a nice lil 1 mile warm up jog before a strength training session which felt like heaven. When the weather is hot and humid out I’m reminded of how much I love being in the cool air of my gym. *smile*

Tomorrow will be a bit of yoga and maybe a 3 mile run on the treadmill. I dunno if its because I haven’t run more than a mile in the past couple of days, but I really start to get into treadmill runs by the end of that first mile. Maybe I’m run-hungry. Who knows.

In other news, I got THIS beauty the other day:


That would be my swag for being selected as a Pacers Running Ambassador. The tagline reads “liason for all things running” *giggle* I’m tickled and supremely honored to be a part of the Pacers family. They’re an awesome resource for runners in the area and the races they put on are great and have the best swag. And I’m one of their Ambassadors! SUPER sweet!

In other news, I’ve banned my scale. To the point that I had to take the battery out and have my sis hide it from me. Yes loves, it got THAT serious. Life hasn’t been better though! Yea, I still BSR my moments where I know I’m not eating the best, but I’m more focused on getting my sleep, trying to hydrate (its a struggle), and getting my run/yoga/weight training in there. I can’t remember what the scale read the last time I looked at it a few weeks ago, but I do know that when I look in the mirror I see a difference and I feel the difference too. That’s what I’ve wanted 🙂

Race-wise I don’t think I have another lined up until July, and that’s a twilighter 5k. I forgot how much I hate running in warm weather. I dunno how I’m going to do these long runs over the next couple months as I prepare for the Marine Corp Marathon, because truth be told…..I don’t wanna do em! Not in the humidity…not in the heat….and not at the butt crack of dawn.

I complain…but I’m gonna do it anyway, lol. I have no choice at this point. Not finishing the MCM isn’t an option. So the next couple of months I will just have to find a routine and just get it done. *sigh* Wish me luck guys!


One thought on “What I’ve Been Up To

  1. I feel ya. Humidity kills the spirit. I’ve been enjoying the cooler weather in DC this week! I am so impressed you’re tackling the MCM. Go you!

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