Race Recap: Marine Corp Historic Half Marathon

I came…I saw…I ran some hellish hills. Leave it to the Marines to create a Half Mary course chockfull of hills and one HELL of a hill at mile 10-11…I mean, who DOES that?!?

THESE GUYS!!! Bless their hearts though. Here they are running in the last runner. Gotta love them.

Hills aside, the course was lovely. Our race start was announced with a blasting cannon (awesome), and the took us through Frederickburg, VA and into Historic Fredericksburg. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL course! There was plenty of crowd support along the course, and it seemed as the entire city really got behind this race. The Marines were posted at various points along the course, offering encouragement and the occasional high five and manning water stations. They were awesome, especially the lady at mile 11 who encouraged the tired souls like myself to hustle on because we were almost there. Somewhere between mile 10-11 I felt like I didn’t have much of anything left, and when I look at the splits from mapymyrun, it looks as though that was about right. My IT band started bothering me a little, but I think the biggest thing was just my general exhaustion from battling all the hills throughout the course.

Hills aside…and I say that again, because there were THAT many of them…I really enjoyed myself. The crowd was great, the other runners were nice and shared in the occasional snide remark about the hills, and I ran the race with my bestie! Call me crazy, but…I would do this race again. For a race that I was kinda on the fence about in the first place, now that I’ve run it…I kinda loved it.

me and the bestie!!!

And call me SUPER crazy…but I believe I am falling in love with Half Marathons. Yes, they’re a challenge…but man…the feeling you get when you cross that finish line…and get that medal?!?! Addictive and so very satisfying. The distance is a challenge, but I feel like it’s a good challenge for me to tackle…and then conquer. 🙂

Next year I am attempting 13 Half’s…that’ll be 13 13.1’s in 2013. How do you like that? I’m excited about it. Just imagine…all that hesitation I had about my ability to run a half marathon at all, and I’ve gone and run two thus far this year! By the time this year is up, I will have run about 5 of them! Crazy, crazy CurvyRoadRunner…crazy, lol. I am truly thankful though. It’s been a fun journey to get to this point, and just to imagine…there are so many more races and places to experience. Running is freakin awesome! Till next time! 🙂

Proud isn’t even the word…look at me Ma! I’m a runner! lol


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