Medals on My Mind

All I can think about at the moment are medals…

Every time I walk past my display board of race bibs I see my lonely little medal from the Rock N Roll Half Marathon.It sits there…all alone…like an only child in need of a sibling.

Hang in there lil fella…


And so…like a good parent, I think of ways to make sure my lonely little medal will have some company soon. I’ve already signed up for the Philly Rock n Roll Half Marathon in September, I’m participating in the Marine Corp Historic Half Marathon at the end of May, thinking of doing the NorthFace Half Marathon in early June…planning on registering for the Wildwood Half Marathon in August, the Philadelphia Half Marathon in November, the Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon in October…oh, and I REALLY want to do the Divas Half Marathon in Long Island and try to sneak away to VA Beach for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Sept…and then of course there is the Marine Corp Marathon. Needless to say, my 1st medal won’t be lonely for much longer πŸ™‚

Since running my first Half, I don’t think I’ve run a long run over 10 miles. Makes for slow progress in regards to my marathon training, but for whatever reason I’m not worried. Now those half marathons…I don’t know what it is, but I am beginning to find them very appealing and I’m looking forward to running in another soon. Sure, during the race I’m kinda questioning my sanity, and I might have moments where I am cursing myself, the road, the weather, and just about anything…but when you make it to the end? There’s something to be said about the sense of accomplishment that one gets from crossing the finish line. It makes everything you’ve gone through up to that point seem worthwhile – the ends definitely justify the means…and they somehow make the means a little more bearable. πŸ˜€

Currently, I’m at home in Jersey to participate in the Philly Broad St 10 Mile Run. This will be my first time running this race, but from my understanding it’s one of the largest ones in the nation. From what I saw at the expo today…I could actually see how that would be possible. The race seems to be super popular – it sold out in about 6 hours this year! Yours truly was able to participate due to the support of many friends, family, and well-wishers alike as they helped me to fundraise with the American Cancer Society’s Team Determination! As I went to pick up my race packet today, and thought about the family members I’ve lost to cancer and am dedicating this race to…my late grandmother, and my two aunts. I know they would have been proud to see the transformation I’ve made as a person through my journey to running…and I know that they are looking down upon me. I’m going to give this race all I’ve got.

My serenity challenge has been slow starting, but it’s been good for me. It’s Β so easy to get into a pattern of constant chaos…but to slow down? Oh that can be quite the challenge sometimes. I’ve been managing well enough though…taking a better account of what’s going on inside and outside of myself, and trying not to be so hard on myself when I miss a run, or sleep in, or decide to do anything that deviates from my usual pattern of overworking myself. Each day has been getting better, and I’m kind of glad I started this challenge in the first place.

I’m still taking entries for the giveaway, good folks! Don’t forget to ‘like’ my FB page and leave a comment stating what motivates/inspires you to run! Till next time! πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Medals on My Mind

  1. LOL…sounds like the bug has bitten someone rather hard. I have to say at this point in time, 10 miles is probably my favorite distance…not enough time for me to get bored, enough time to feel like I got my efforts worth when harnessing my girls down in that sportsbra. I think that might be why I’m antsy…I don’t have another half on the schedule until September because I’m not a fan of running in the blazing Southern heat.

    Get out there and have a good time!

    • yea, 10 milers are not so bad. just enough to feel like there’s a good challenge. i’ve been feeling kinda antsy myself due to the way i spread my races out from winter to spring. i usually try to have at least one race a month where I can in order to both spice up my training, and to give myself a little ‘treat’ and something to look forward to. what race are you running in September?

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