Day 3: 60 Days of Serenity

I’m a little exhausted from working a 13 hour day, so let’s be brief…shall we?

Day 2 I wound up eating a whole box of Girl Scout Cookies…we won’t talk about that, lol.

Today was a lot better though…in spite of the long work day, I was able to get an ACTUAL meal in there! I’ve been a tad under the weather these past couple of days, but it feels like I might be coming out of it. Tomorrow the plan is to get a quick run and strength training work out in. I’ve got the Broad St Run (10 mi) this Sunday, and I’m really hoping for a non-stuffy nose! Cross your fingers!!!

Oh…Have YOU submitted your entry for the awesome give away? If not, make sure you stop by my FB page, like the page, and post a comment as to what motivates and inspires you to run. I’m taking entries until this Sunday, and the winner will be announced on Monday. The prize? A gift certificate to Road Runner Sports!!! 😀


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