Day 1: 60 Days of Serenity

Well…the day started on a good note….

I awoke feeling under the weather, so I rested in bed awoke longer before easing into my day. A little quiet time, a little meditation, and saying thanks for the day was how my morning started. Breakfast was a scrambled eggs sandwich with spinach, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese. Then out the door I went…

And the day kinda took a turn from there…work was hectic and as a result lunch was a handful of pretzels and dinner was a box of Girl Scout Cookies (Tagalongs are the DEVIL!!!!), a smoothie, a bag of pop chips, and a few glasses of apple juice. Not the healthiest assortment, I know, but it was AMAZING how quickly ones day can take a turn. I’m hoping today I will have a better sense of balancing things out.

So…how do you guys deal when life throws you a curve ball…or several?

Oh, and keep those entries for the giveaway coming!!!


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