100th Post!!!!

This marks the 100th posting of my blog! It’s been a great time sharing my story and love of running with the world and I’m looking forward to more stories and adventures to come my way in the near future.

In commemoration of hitting that 100 mark, I’ve come up with both a personal challenge for myself and a giveaway for one lucky reader!

First, let’s talk about the challenge. I’m calling it ‘Sixty Days of Serenity.’ the objective of this challenge is to dedicate the next 60 days towards fostering a more serene way of living and developing my own routine that will consist of seeking peace, health, happiness, and personal accountability and responsibility. I’ve been much too stressed, tired, and disconnected lately. It seems as though more of my time is spent reacting vs being proactive and I always feel as though I’m trying to catch up…I need to live and savor in the moment.

And so…Sixty Days of Serenity.

Every day of this challenge will be one of fitness/wellness, no matter how big or small. The food I eat will help, not hinder my health, and I plan on taking a break from most social media aside from those where I have a personal responsibility (like The Curvy Road Runner’s Facebook page). I’m also trying to get a better grip on my finances and become more thoughtful in my spending…which means sticking to my race budget and no random splurges at local stores for random running gear that I may want but not need. Daily meditation and prayer are also components of this challenge, in addition to spending more time in silence. There’s far too much noise in my life, and I need to turn down the volume of it all….but for the next 60 I’m going to try my best to tune it out. And finally…for the next 60 days I am going to try my best to be in bed by 9.30pm each night…and to wake at 5.30am each morning. I want to wake a little before the sun so that I might greet the day…either in meditation or during a early am run.

So, that’s my challenge! For the next 60 days its all about finding my center and staying in that place wherever I go! I’ll be posting on my blog…daily, lol…so as to hold myself accountable and to share the journey with you. Now, as May 1st marks Day One of the challenge, right now I’m in violation of my bed time….but that’s ok because I’m a little under the weather and instead of getting up in a few hours to run, I’m going to give my body the rest it needs and begin tomorrow in a loving and gentle way.

Now for that giveaway!!!! One lucky reader will get a gift certificate to
Road Runner Sports!! The way to enter in the giveaway is to go to my Facebook page, ‘like’ the page (if you don’t already) and leave a comment telling me what motivates/inspires you to run. I’ll be taking entries from now until Sunday, with the winner announced on Monday. Best of luck everyone!!!!


2 thoughts on “100th Post!!!!

  1. what motivates me to run is setting the example for my family.. what inspires me is crossing the finish line and my family usually being there for that hug after.. especially my son.. he is my biggest cheerleader and gets me up and going when I’m ready to skip my runs.. especially the long runs.

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