Race Recap: Stop the Silence 5k

Today I participated in the Stop the Silence 5k/8k against child sexual abuse with the ladies of Black Girls Run. It was a special day for us, because a number of the ladies were running their first 5k or 8k alongside a running buddy.

First, can I say I LOVE THESE WOMEN?!?! There were about 80 or so of us out there today for this race, either running or cheering along those of us who ran. It was quite moving to see so many of us out there running, walking, jogging, and everything in between. Black Girls Run has really taken off since it’s founding 3 years ago, and I love the fact that we can all come together to share information, support, and encourage one another to get up, get out, and move something!

Anywho, my race buddy was awesome! It was her first 5k, and she was super excited about it…it really made me reminisce about my first 5k and how that felt to me. We started out pretty well, I just wanted to make sure I was by her side every step of the way. Sometimes, especially for your first race, I think it’s nice to have someone by your side. We took the course pretty well, there were minimal inclines/hills and we took those very strongly. On the return route I found myself feeling a little winded and perhaps overexerted. Naturally, I figured it was just because I was still tired from the 7 miler I did the other day. Turns out…my buddy and I were BOOKING IT! Lol, I ended up PR’ing in a race that I intended to just take nice and easy. No wonder why I felt so tired, like I wanted to stop, and was internally cursing running as I ran the course…I was actually putting in legitimate effort and would not let myself quit, stop, or slow it down.

Race Results according to MapMyRun...My official time for the race was...38:20 with a pace of 12:21 YAY!!! 🙂

It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t HARD…if that makes sense. I could do it, my body seemed to know that…but my mind needed to get hip to the fact. So it seems as though…I need to train myself a little harder every now and then, because it is becoming evident that I am progressing in speed and distance these days. I don’t intend on pushing myself to the point of harm, but I want to at least get myself accustomed to running a faster pace at shorter distances. For now, I think that will mean some of my warm-up miles I log on the treadmill prior to weight training will be more intense. I haven’t decided what this will mean when I take my runs out on the road, but I now see that I can go harder and need to make sure I’m doing that in order to progress in my running.


In other news…this is my 99th post! I’m going to announce a giveaway in honor of my 100th post and to kick off my latest challenge. Details for both will be coming shortly. Till then, have a great one! 🙂


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