Positive Peer Pressure

One of the benefits of having friends who run…they will call you out when you’re being a bit of a lazy bum. Most of this week I’ve been sleeping in versus getting up to run in the am. I think about going for a run…but my bed is just too comfy to ignore, and so I sleep in…knowing I’ll regret it later…knowing it would have been a great day for a run.

Because really...what day ISN'T a great day to run??

I wanted to run…I did…but I wanted to sleep more. Yesterday, I mentioned on my FaceBook page that I wanted to go for a run today and my buddy Once & Future Runner asked me a simple question…to run for him. He’s been recovering lately due to an injury, and I guess he could have sensed my wavering about running today. That simple question was more than enough to make sure I got my tail outta bed this morning. I know what it’s like to recover from an injury…to want to run, but not be able to do so. How could I not get outta bed and run when there are lots of folks out there who would love the opportunity to do so, but for whatever reason, can’t?

Well I’m happy to report that this am I ran a lovely 7 miles. The first couple of miles were kinda tough, I can tell when I’m rusty because it takes me a minute to feel as though I’ve gotten into any kind of groove. But eventually, around mile 5 I found a nice little groove and was able to really kick it out for another two miles. I finished strong and felt energized. Did a few stretches and considered running the remaining 2 miles back to my car…but given the tightness I felt in my leg and in my knee, I decided to just walk it out and cool down. It’s still my hip flexor that bothers me…I’m trying to stretch it out, though I do better with it on some days than others. I think the more consistent I become with it, the better shape I’ll be in…that needs to occur quickly, however, because now I am noticing the discomfort moving towards my knee – and we can’t have that.

This weekend I’ll be running in the Stop the Silence 5k in DC along with the awesome women of Black Girls Run!. It will be the very first 5k for a number of the ladies, and I’m excited about being able to be there to cheer the ladies on. I remember my first 5k, and it really makes a difference to have support along the way. It’ll be nice to be able to be that support for others now. 🙂

Next up on the agenda? Well…I want to do another challenge. I’m working out the actual terms of the challenge, but I’m looking forward to it. Details to come soon, perhaps you’ll want to join in on it? 😀

Till next time!

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