What Does a CurvyGirl Do On Vacation?

Well, THIS curvy girl has been doing a little bit of this…

revisiting some childhood memories!!!!


and a little bit of this…

red velvet cupcakes are my weakness!


Yea, it’s only day one of my vacation, but I would say I’m off to the expected start…something about going home, we have the BEST food here!!! But of course, everything needs to have a balance of some sort. In addition to chomping on some of my fave foods, I’ll be catching up with some of the ladies from the local Black Girls Run group to get a run in. In fact, I’ve got a run with them lined up tomorrow morning.

What I really love about this group, among many other things, is the fact that there are chapters just about everywhere. Which means that I could literally go to just about any metropolitan area and find a local group that I could run with while I’m away from my home group. That in and of itself is a comfort, because sometimes it can be a little intimidating to strike out on your own in new places to get a run in. But that group dynamic has something special…there really is comfort in numbers…and accountability too 🙂

So…for the next couple of days I’ll be getting some much needed rest, relaxation, and running done. Till next time! 🙂


2 thoughts on “What Does a CurvyGirl Do On Vacation?

  1. lawd. Mister Softee!!!! ooh I wish I had a vanilla coke with rainbow sprinkles RIGHT NOW!!! Enjoy and dang I’m jealous I want Mr. Softee!!!

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