Renewed Mind

I’ve been in an interesting state of mind these past few weeks. My training has slowed down, my mileage has decreased, my leg is recovering, and somewhere in the middle of it all…I’ve felt mentally renewed. In the quest for training for the MCM I have been more focused on the distances I’ve had to tackle versus on just running.

You hear a lot of runners talking about this from time to time…the training can sometimes take the fun out of the run. It’s all in our heads, of course, but when you take it all so seriously the fun is lost. I’m not taking myself very seriously at all these days.

I run when I can, if I can, and at the pace that feels right to me. I’m still cautious about the leg, but its coming along nicely. More importantly, now that I’ve hit he 13.1 mark officially, I have decided that I am NOT going to stress myself out about the 26.2 in October. I’m just going to run. Whether that be 6 miles or 16…if I run it, walk it, or damn near crawl it….I’m just gonna do it. I love running too much to stop enjoying it.

Yes, I’m gonna do a marathon this year. And that’s great. But, Universe willing, I will be running for the rest of my life.

“My long term goal is to be around to run long term.” -Jeremy Dobrick


3 thoughts on “Renewed Mind

  1. This is a great attitude! I try to remember not to take myself so seriously as well, it really can suck the life right out of a nice part of my day 🙂
    I’m training for my first half, and I try to remind myself every time I go out that I don’t need to kill myself trying to keep up with other people’s paces. It’s supposed to be something we enjoy!
    Anyway, thanks for the post, it’s nice to know there are others out there like me 🙂

  2. Great attitude!! By staying focused on the fun of running – you also lower the chances of doing something stupid in preparation – because the “plan” says you should… Not that I ever did such a thing of course.

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