When Life Happens

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last blog, and it’s been a slow kinda progress back into running on a regular basis. Truthfully, I hadn’t realized that I would celebrate my accomplishment of completing my first Half for so long…or that the celebration would throw me off my game so much. I’ve spent the past two weeks running sporadically, not really on my marathon training program, and just kinda…bleh.

I’ve been telling myself that it’s just temporary, and I know that it is, since I grew sick of it last week, lol. Sometimes I feel bad about not running…as if I’ve just committed a terrible offense, and need to make it out there and run a few miles as penance.

Guilt Trips are NOT ALLOWED! 🙂


But then I realize how silly that sounds, lol. I love to run, but I never want to get to the point where running begins to feel like a chore. Or NOT running inspires that kinda serious guilt. I guess I wore myself out, so I guess all those extra hours in bed catching up on those ZZZZZs were just my body’s way of letting me know just how tired it was. And my mind was just too exhausted to try and tell my body otherwise.

Still, I’ve been able to put a few miles in there over the past couple of weeks. I miss the consistency of my routine though, but changes in work and my life in general are kinda forcing me to find other ways/times to get the miles in. I’m about to start running earlier in the morning to better assist me in this endeavor. Right now I usually get up for a run right around sunrise, so there’s never been a need for headlamps or other safety equipment like that. But as my runs get longer, I will need to start running earlier, though I might still end up finishing up runs after the sun is out.

For those night time/early morning runners out there…What kind of gear and gadgets do you find most useful and least cumbersome? I’ve been asking around and doing a bit of research on what’s out there, but the more opinions the better! 🙂


7 thoughts on “When Life Happens

  1. Don’t worry about it…I’ve backed off my running, not due to injury…but because my body needed a rest. I ran 2 half-marathons in 2 weeks and I’m doing a 13 mile run on Sunday, so I’m entitled and you’re entitled to rest your heels…and feet. Also, as curvy runners, please know and understand…we have a little more lusciousness crashing down on our ankles, knees and hips than our svelte runners. So, you listened to your body and gave it the rest that it needed. I spent more time cross-training in between half-marathons because I know my body better than ANY runner out here…you know your body better than ANY runner out here. If there’s a problem…they can come see me and I’ll get their lives in order for you. :o)

    I am an early morning runner…also I don’t run with music so you might not want my opinions…I run with the following.

    – Spibelt for my keys and cellphone
    – Road ID (I have washed my driver’s license too many times to count)
    – cash (enough to get a bottle of water/gatorade or get on the train)
    – reflective gear (my hat has a couple of reflective strips on it…so does my shirt)
    – I used to have a armband with blinking lights…it was swag from a race I did. I don’t use it as much.
    – Garmin Forerunner 305

    • your words made me feel so much better 🙂 thanks for that. a lot of those things i hadnt really considered, but yea im glad ive taken a break when i needed to.

      and thanks for the gear ideas. i usually run with music, but on these longer runs my ipod shuffle dies out quickly so i usually dont bother to turn it on.

  2. You should absolutely not feel guilty!! Rest periods are important. Of course starting back up from rest periods can be hard too! lol.

    I have an ifitness belt I use to carry my keys when needed, I also carry cash in it to buy refills on my water bottle as needed for longer runs. I just picked up two bottles that attach to the belt.

    If it is pitch black, I run with a head lamp that I got cheap at home depot. IT can be white to help me see, or red to help me be seen.

    I have been wearing a coat with reflective strips on it to help with being visible.

    I also have an arm band that the cell phone sits in to track my mileage via Cardiotrainer as well as entertain me with music when I want it too.

    • yea its just tough NOT to feel guilty, lol. im getting over it though. ive got a water belt i use that i keep my keys and things in. how comfy is the headlamp? im trying to find small lightweight things that i can take off as the sun comes out and just carry with me on the rest of the run.

  3. This was a great post. Sometimes I find that the harder I push myself, the more likely I am to see it as something I *have* to do rather than something I *want* to do. So thank you for this post and reminding me that it’s okay!

  4. I didn’t run for almost a month after my 1st half in 2010.. my body just didn’t have it in me and yes I slept so much folks thought I was preggars again LOL

    I have a few brightly colored tops (orange & neon yellow & green) with reflective strips.. I pulled them out but they are long sleeve so I’m dying a slow death LOL I’m going to hit the Cherry Blossom expo and hopefully find something for this time of year there.. I also have a light a friend gave me from road id but it’s not as bright as I would like it to be.. I just clip it on my shirt or my belt and go. I’ll send you links to anything else I find.. and don’t worry you will get back int he saddle and realize hey that rest was good for me!!!

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