Overindulging in Rest

Sometimes I enjoy my breaks/rest periods from running TOO much. This is why I will seldom say to myself “hey, we’re gonna rest this week and take a break. No running.” *side eye* That has proven to be a pathway to overindulgence on all the wrong kinds of things…and by things I mean food.

Case in point…last week I fell sick. It was a nasty little cold, but thankfully with some nyquil and dayquil I was able to feel back to normal after a few days of congested goodness. However, in those days when I felt like doo doo, I went crazy for goodies. Things that would make me feel better – yea my emotional eating monster came out the moment it realized I was: a.) not feeling well and b.) not running or partaking in any physical activity. Oh darlings did I loose my mind for a moment too long. The battle to control my sweet tooth definitely is a tough one, but it’s one that needs to be fought and won.


Because I don’t want to ruin all the hard work I’m putting into running, training for this marathon, and trying to lose weight. It is a sucky feeling to get on the scale and see that the damn number hasn’t gone down, or worse still…that it’s gone up. I’ve had too many of these moments to care to count. All that hard work, all those lovely miles, and it feels as though there wasn’t much to show for it in the way of pounds lost…all because I just had to have that cupcake…and the cheesecake…oh and the bar of Godiva chocolate. I had a reality check for myself this week. I can’t sit and bemoan a blessed thing about the progress that I’m making if I am not making a concerted effort on all fronts. Whether I’m in a rest period or highly active, I need to stay away from the feel good sweets because as much as I love them those bastards do not love me back.

sure it looks sweet...but it packs a whallop

Last Sunday I went out for a ‘test’ run, just to get a feel for whether or not the cold had dissipated enough for me to do a run comfortably. What I found was that, though I could run well enough, it wasn’t as easy for me to do so. It was still a little tough to breathe and I don’t think my body was ready quite yet. So I rested a few more days, got some good sleep in, and today I woke up and went for a run. In my head I was thinking of making it an easy 4…but after getting through that initial sluggishness of the first mile or two (anyone else experience that?) i decided to just keep running and wound up covering 7 miles. It felt really good too. My legs felt strong and I got into this nice rhythm where I felt as though I was just flying along the trail. This was a nice ‘welcome back’ run that was sprinkled with a few walking breaks (my new BFF, lol) and some random kick ass bursts of speed. My splits were like so:

Mile Time
1 00:13:59
2 00:14:02
3 00:14:02
4 00:15:13
5 00:14:08
6 00:14:25
7 00:13:10

I’m glad I got back out there – I’m always glad to get back out there. The marathon training continues. I’ve got two races coming up, the Pacer’s Love the Run You’re With 5k and the GW Birthday Classic 10k. I did the GW Birthday run last year and I’ve already decided I will smash last year’s time. Till next time! 🙂


One thought on “Overindulging in Rest

  1. I will admit to not being the most attentive in posting..

    But this was posted a week ago… I know you have run – I saw it on Dailymile…

    So where’s the post?? 🙂

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