Jingle Jolly Jogging

Today was the much anticipated Jingle All the Way 8k. It was SUPER cold outside, but that’s ok…I was ready…ish. 🙂 All layered up and everything like that, in my little reindeer antlers. See?

my antler was a little broken, but that's ok!

The race went pretty well, the course was relatively flat with very little inclines. I started off quite nicely, trying to go a little easy, but not TOO easy. Normally, for whatever reason, when I run in a race, I always start off very slow. i tell myself, it’s just like a training run, but in reality, it’s not. It’s filled with a number of runners, walkers, and everything in between…most of whom are MUCH faster than I am. I stuck with it though, and aside from a few brief walking breaks I ran the entire distance. My official time was 01:09:14 with a 13:56 min/mi average. Now…my GPS clocked me at covering a 5.47 mi course (versus the advertised 8k = 4.97 mi) at a time of 01:09:21 and an average pace of 12:40 min/mi. Either way, I’m happy, though naturally I’d like to claim the faster time, lol. Truth be told, I felt really good about today’s race. I ran like I knew I could, and tried not to worry about all the folks who were passing me…constantly, lol. It was fun, it was cold, it was filled with the sounds of jingle bells, and everyone looked really festive. Definitely a race that made up for last weekend’s debacle of a race, and this is definitely one that I will look forward to running again next year…and next year my costume will be magnificent. I now know that for costumed races, a bit of advanced planning is necessary. I think next time I’d like to be a toy soldier. Imagine how adorable that would be!!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Jingle Jolly Jogging

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  2. You have a great attitude about running, not caring what pace is correct. That being said, numbers can be very important for progress though. Personally my watch motivates me, though bad pace runs are less enjoyable. What GPS system do you use? Unless you weaved a lot during the race, that is a big discrepancy.

    • i try not to look at the time as much, though i do check in periodically to check in on my pacing. i use the mapmyrun app on my cell phone and that does the trick for me. i dont care so much about the pacing…well thats not ENTIRELY true. i do care, but i know that ive gotten better, by leaps and bounds, since i began running. i think as a whole that is good enough for me for the moment. though of course, my goal is to get faster..eventually 🙂

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