A Rip Van Winkle Moment

This morning I got on the scale, figuring I’d wipe off some of the dust that’d been collecting on it for the past couple of weeks as I (over)indulged in some of my favorite food and drink. Earlier this week I’d quietly made a commitment to myself to begin tracking my food intake again on Weight Watchers Online. I figured…if I’m gonna do poorly (or wonderfully for that matter) I might as well be honest with myself about it. So anyway, the scale…yea I got on it and saw that I’d lost a little of what I’ve put on. I felt good about the little drop (naturally), but the whole thing reminded me of something that I guess I just forgot over the past couple of weeks…

Change your eating, change your weight.

I couldn't have said it better myself, Homer.

This week I’ve been slowly coming out of my food coma/stupor and reacquainting myself with some of the healthier foods and habits I let slide. I’m not sure exactly when I started to slip up, but I do know what triggered it. Stress and lack of time. Lack of time to cook, to plan, to do anything aside from grabbing what’s quick, easy, and could help me feel better about the fact that I’ve been so stressed out. Well, now that I’ve made it through that stress and have realized how much I miss being my normal self, I’m ready to do better. The leg is about healed (I think/hope) and I’m ready to go.

I know I’m not the only one out there that this has happened to though. How often do we find ourselves on the healthy living track, only to take a little break or detour…then by the time we stop and pay attention to what’s going on, we’re 10…20…30 lbs heavier and wondering what happened??? That’s the thing though…life is happening all around us and if a healthier way of being is your goal, then taking your eye off that goal for even the briefest of moments can cause a setback. It’s kinda amazing to see how easy it is to put the weight on and just how hard it is to take the weight off again.

But you know what? No situation is too tough that we can’t make it right again. The same healthy practices that helped you to lose that weight can still assist you in losing whatever was gained in a hiatus/break/whatever. I mean, we all have our triggers and things tend to pop up that can throw us off track every once in awhile, but the habits and practices you’ve developed to help you get healthier and stronger can most certainly help you get back there again.

Today was a good day for me nutritionally speaking, and sometimes I think we just need a little reminder that the world doesn’t end because of one brownie…or say…4 brownies(what can I say, I have a mean sweet tooth!). But even though I love my sweets so much, I know one thing…

A brownie never tastes as good as healthy living FEELS.

In other, totally awesome news…the Hot Chocolate 15k is this weekend!!! I haven’t run that distance in awhile, but I’m excited about the race…and about the chocolate awaiting me at the end (did I mention I have a vicious sweet tooth???). A number of the ladies from my running club (awww, I belong to a running club!) Black Girls Run! will be participating in the race as well, so that’s an added level of excitement and enthusiasm for me!


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