What I’ve Been Doing

The most ideal state of repose


When you need to rest, the universe seems to conspire to make you rest. That’s what’s happened to me. I can’t believe I haven’t posted since Nov 10th! There has been minimal running going on, but a little bit of walking as my leg has begun to feel somewhat normal again. It feels the best when I stretch it, and something tells me that part of why it was so tight in the first place may have had something to do with my lack of hydration.

Which leads me to today…drinking plenty of fluids. Why? Because I’m sick 😦 Again…when the universe wants you to rest, it will conspire to make it so. Since my last post I had a birthday, madness at work, a hellish Thanksgiving/Black Friday work schedule, and now this lovely cold. No real running in there anywhere, though plenty of goodies, drinks, and fatty foods. *sigh* It was great.

But now…I’m really ready to get back to the norm. I know this cold must run it’s course, though I am going to do what I can to speed things along. Rest, hydrate, medicate, eat (I hear that helps), rest, and repeat.

I am a little worried though…When I look back at my running over the past 30 days, my last actual run was a 4 miler on Nov 1st…and I’ve got the Hot Chocolate 15k coming up on Dec 3rd. Of course I want to run it versus walking it, but that only gives me a week to heal. And while I know it’s possible to have an awesome rebound from a recovery period, the idea of hitting the road to do a 9 mile run after about a month of relative dormancy isn’t my particular cup of tea. But…I’m a warrior…a runnerd…and a stubborn scorpio, so I don’t see myself backing down from the potential challenge. I will rest this week, pray for a speedy recovery, walk/run if I am physically well enough to do so…but come Dec. 3rd? Oh, it’s SO on!


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