Non-Scale Victories

In the struggle to shed the pounds and see that number on the scale get smaller and smaller we sometimes forget to celebrate the non-scale victories. As I learned during my time attending Weight Watchers meetings, the non-scale victories are just as important, if not more important than the numbers we see on the scale. Why? Because often in the journey to a healthier weight or lifestyle our bodies change in ways that we may not always be aware of. So today, as I reflect (and somewhat sulk) over the past several weeks of inactivity and less than stellar eating, I thought it would be a great time to list some of the non-scale victories that I’ve experienced that lets me know that I’m on the right track and the work I’ve been putting in is paying off…

1. I’m “Fit” – my sister called me fit a few weeks ago…no one has EVER called me fit, nor have I ever thought of myself as fit. But with that one statement from my lil sis, it hit me…I am fit. Not 100%, but still fit enough that someone would think to call me fit!

2. New Undies – now this may be more info than you care to know, but I’m all about being honest in the road to healthier living and losing weight. Recently I’ve had to officially get rid of my undergarments since my undies were literally TOO BIG. Chalk this up to yet another thing that has never happened to me before! It’s amazing how something as trivial as undie size can make you feel stellar about your weight lostt

3.  “You’re Big?” – in my mind I am still a plus size woman. Though I’m a size 16 (wow, that’s another non-scale victory right there!), I still consider myself plus size. *shrug* Maybe as I get smaller I will change that thinking, but a non-scale victory for me occurred at a party where I made a comment about myself being big, to which a guy looked me up and down and said (in disbelief) “You think you’re big?” *smile*

4. It’s just a 5k – I am at a point where a 2 mile run is a warm up for a gym workout. A 3 miler/5k is considered easy, and a run of 6-8 miles is the norm. I’m comfortable with running longer distances and am no longer concerned about how I might look when I run. And while we’re on the topic…

5. I’m a runner – not aspiring to be, not training to become…but I simply am a runner. And what’s even sweeter? Other people see me as a runner too! Which brings me to…

6. Being a Run Coordinator – this was a huge, HUGE thing for me. A running group I’m a part of called Black Girls Run, has a bunch of local chapters throughout the country. I was recently asked by one of the leaders of the DC Chapter to coordinate a weekly run in my neighborhood. A year and a half ago if you would have asked me to participate in a group run I would have laughed at you. Now, I’m helping to rally other runners/walkers/joggers together to get out and run weekly. I’m a part of a running community! How awesome is that?!?!

7. Don’t sweat the sweet stuff – Chocolate is a weakness…and peanut butter is a close runner up…but a non-scale victory for me is that I no longer have a guilt fest when I indulge in a treat. Why? Because indulgence isn’t the norm, and I know  that I am on the right track.

8. Me? Muscles?? – I have muscles…and I can see and feel them! My legs are super strong and I can feel that strength. Far less flab and fat present on my body. Which leads me to another victory…

9. The clavicle – *shaking my head* I don’t think you understand how hyped I was when I noticed that this sexy little area of my neck/shoulders was so very visible and…fit looking!

10. Happy Me – I am happier than I have been in a long time. I look in the mirror and I love what I see. It feels as though I’ve found myself under all of my old habits and unhealthy patterns. It’s as though the woman I have always thought of myself to be has finally arrived. And it…feels…GOOD!


Soooo…what are some of YOUR Non-Scale Victories???


3 thoughts on “Non-Scale Victories

  1. I too have experienced all of the above. I was called skinny and had the best laugh/day because of it. I love the feeling of saying “oh it’s just a quick 10 mile bike ride and a 1 mile run” I also love it when people want me to help then to stay motivated. It just feels good to be 100 pounds down and FIT!!

  2. Woohooooo So excited for you and I’m an advocate of non scale victories!!!! WTG chica!!!BGR’s unite!!! I know when your sis called you fit you got that warm & fuzzy feeling inside..

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