The Slow Comeback

It’s been a full week since I’ve run, and yes I’m rather miserable. I’ve been soaking at night the past couple of evenings, and that’s been good for my legs – I definitely wake up feeling a whole lot better. Never one to be able to sit in one place for an extended period of time, I decided today was the day I was going to get a workout in. I just couldn’t take it any longer! So I hit the gym this morning with my buddy Once and Future Runner’s words of advice in my head “if it’s just starting to feel better, you need to stay off it a little more”. Yea…I think he was right. *sigh* The workout wasn’t bad…just not as fun…or as fast…and I don’t think I even broke a sweat! I did a simple 30 minute walk on the treadmill at a heartbreaking 3.36 mi/hr average pace. By about the last 10 minutes or so I felt the nagging in my leg. Not as bad as it was a week ago, but just enough to let me know I’m not 100% yet.

So I’ll continue to soak…and just find other activities to get into (like yoga and weight training) that won’t agitate my leg more. Yes, I’m still going to walk a bit. Perhaps tomorrow I will try a flat surface versus doing the interval hill workout I did today. It is a slow and agonizingly boring road to recovery, but it is a necessary one. I have a 10k in less than 2 weeks and I really would rather not jeopardize my ability to run later due to the fact that I want to run now.


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