A Pain in my HAM…string

Don’t you just hate it when you feel a nagging ache…you know…the ache that lets you know you’ve sprained or pulled something *sigh*

It started a few days ago…and what did I do? I went out for a run anyway, lol. I know – I’m hard headed. I’m stubborn. But hey…I’m a runner. I figure, run through the pain. Maybe it’s nothing serious. And I hope I’m right about that, but I know this morning my left hamstring felt MIGHTY sore. To walk on…to sit…but stretching somehow felt lovely. So that 8 mile run I planned for myself tomorrow?

Yea…It’ll be a yoga class for me.

And maybe a walk.

For a few miles.

At a slow pace.

I know…I KNOW. *pout* I need to take it easy, and I will try to do so. *sigh* I will definitely go for the yoga tomorrow, as it seems like the stretching makes the soreness dissipate, and perhaps the little nagging feeling is a result of not doing enough stretching. As for the walk? Maybe I will trade the miles and miles…for a mile or two…ok, maybe 3? On the treadmill. At an easy pace? *sigh* GRRRR!!!!


7 thoughts on “A Pain in my HAM…string

  1. I’m suffering from a pulled hamstring right now…been trying to rebound for a month now while trying to train for a 10K 😦 . If I can offer any advice, REST and ice!! I also love using my heating bed to lessen the pain. Be careful with yoga…I tried a Pilates class and ended up limping out of there. Sadly, it was just a 2.5 mile run that did me in. I have LONG way to go…

  2. Learn from my mistakes with my calf!!! REST REST REST!!!!

    Do you have a pool nearby you could use? a local YMCA maybe? Swimming is a nice way to still get cardio without messing yourself up more.

    Also – if you don’t have a foam roller – consider it!!! It helps ALOT!! OR, as I found at hte MCM Expo – “The Stick” — OMG!!! That thing is amazing.

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