Swift Feet

Had a good run this morning, with some surprising results. It started out as an easy 4 miles along this hilly trail that I like to run. The first half went fine, I wasn’t overly concerned with speed or anything. I just ran. Sometimes it seems like the only time I have to think to myself is when I run.

On the return, I picked up speed just a little bit (love the downhill part of a hilly run!) and then somewhere along running the flat I decided to ‘wake up and run.’ I know when I’m doing an easy run, it’s more like a jog since my mind wanders and I’m taking it easy. When I run, like REALLY run, there’s no time for daydreaming. I felt my entire body kick into gear with that one simple thought of “hey, maybe I should run now,” and off I went. I took a glance at my gps monitor to find that I was doing some pretty wicked speeds. At one point I was keeping a 9 min/mi pace, which I wouldn’t have imagined possible. It was hard, but I loved the feeling of pushing myself to do what my body is obviously trying to tell me it is capable of doing.

In the end, I did about 4.35 mi in 1 hr. I still have no idea as to what my splits are because the app on my phone has decided not to track them anymore. *sad face* See, this is why I need a GPS running watch…and a decent one. In spite of not being able to track my progression throughout the miles, I know physically that I gave it all I had in that last mile or so. It was a definite confidence booster to see that I could indeed go that much faster.


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