And I Did It My Way

I wasn’t sure about how today’s run would be. I went to bed last night thinking about it…”oh boy, guess I gotta do 8 miles tomorrow…I hope I can make it through.” Then I wake up and open  my curtains to see…

Seriously though?? *sigh*

Yep. Seems like for the past 3 weeks every time I have a long run planned, it’s raining outside, which makes me NOT do the long run and head to the gym instead. This morning though, I decided to head out there anyway. By the time I made it to the trail it wasn’t raining any more, just wet on the roads. I decided I would take this run slow. Not a run, really, but more like a jog or a happy trot as I like to think of them. I let my mind wander and just kinda went along my way, not really concerned about how fast I was going, because today I wanted to do the entire distance without walking if I could. Looking at the runs I’ve been having lately, and thinking about the difficulty that I’ve had with some of them, I think I figured out what the issue was/is.

I’m faster.

What I mean is, when I put out effort now, I am faster than I’ve ever been. Which is great, of course. But trying to go those longer distances that I used to be able to handle at a much MUCH slower speed at my now normal speed is that has proven to be the problem. 4 miles at a 13-14 min/mi feels WAY different than 8 miles at a 13/14 min/mi. I have to train my body to sustain the faster pace over a longer period of time. Much like I had to train myself to run longer than I walked. So today I knew I had 8 miles to do, and I was not going to go full out like I normally try to. Instead I just kinda moseyed along and let the miles pass me by. By the time I got to about mile 6, my running legs kicked in and I picked up the pace naturally. It just felt right and my legs found the rhythm all on their own. The last two miles I kinda flew by…almost literally! 🙂

In all I went 8 mi in 01:56:27 with an average pace of a 14:33 min/mi. The rain didn’t bother me, neither did the cool air. I had a good run, a good time, and I just took  my time and did it my way.


2 thoughts on “And I Did It My Way

  1. Great job on getting you run in! One thing you could try is running your long runs a wee bit slower, and your shorter runs a wee bit faster. Learning to pace is hard, but it’ll help prevent cashing and burning in a race. Over time both your short runs and long runs will be at a faster pace.

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