A New Day…

I took a break from eating right and from running. Not a long one, just 3 days, but those 3 days felt so…long? Not running or being active has begun to feel foreign. Even on days when I know I don’t feel like being bothered with hitting the trails, I still feel better about going than I would if I stayed in bed. And the eating? As much as I love food…and I LOVE food. It’s not the same anymore. Eating and drinking in excess everyday? Not for me. I just can’t…I don’t wanna. It’s not as fun anymore. Not nearly as enjoyable as those random moments of indulgence.

Today I took my new shoes out for a run in the beautiful fall weather. I decided not to pressure myself into feeling like I had to run the whole thing, because these days I just haven’t felt like running ALL the time. I played around a bit today…jogging, running, even skipping (yea…skipping, lol), and walking. Just taking it all in. Enjoying the weather, the scenery, and just the opportunity to be out doors…no work…no worries…just me. Very nice.

The four miles I planned for myself soon changed, and I decided to make a non-miles related goal for myself. Instead of marking my progress by how many miles I’d covered, I wanted to run to a specific marker along the trail I usually run. I was running/walking towards a bridge. But I didn’t know how far along into the trail this bridge was, since I rarely run out that far. I just knew I wanted to find it and cross it. And so it was. I was feeling pretty good, so I went a little bit beyond the bridge before turning back for my car. The return trip was a little more strenuous than the run out, and since I knew this and wasn’t going to push myself toward injury, I stopped running and simply walked. Slowly and leisurely. Just to enjoy my time.

Total distance covered for the trip was: 6.51 mi (run/walk) and 2.9 mi (walk only). I covered over 9 miles today! I needed that…mentally I needed to do that. With the way I’ve been feeling about my ability to ‘go the distance’ for a Half Marathon, I needed to be able to hit that kind of mileage. I’ve been so focused on running the entire length, that walking portions of it never occurred to me as an option. Truth be told, I don’t want to run/walk it when I participate in a race, but I think it may be time to take it back to the run/walk days in order to build up the stamina in my legs and lungs so that I can last that distance.

Tomorrow I have a 6 miler planned…but I’m open to seeing how my body feels about that. I need to break myself out of that rushing mentality and get back to the more relaxed attitude about running.


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