On My Mind…

It’s still daunting to think of running anything above 8 miles…

The reality is, not only have I already done thins, but I’ve done it several times over. Yet still the 13.1 looms before me like a big wall that I am just too tiny and frail to climb over. Can I do it? I know I can…yet still I am intimidated. Which only means one thing…not only WILL I do it, but I will conquer it and do a victory dance in its ashes.

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Fear is not tolerated. Failure is not an option…This is the way of the Amazon.

My eating has been off this week. I’ve been having good times enjoying yummy food with wonderful people. I may just give myself a pass this week and not weigh in on Sunday. I know I’ve been naughty, no need to have the scale rub it in my face. Truth be told, I am loving the way my body looks and feels these days. I’ve got muscles!!! My legs are strong as I dunno WHAT! It’s a lovely feeling. So scale or no scale, this week I’m relishing in the non-scale victories I’ve been accomplishing as of late.

At my heaviest...unhealthiest...and unhappiest March 2010

Looking...and feeling...SO much better. October 2011

I’m happy with the way I look. No…scratch that…I’m PROUD of the way I look, which is downright FABULOUS…and I dare anyone to try and tell me otherwise.

Had to retire an old friend today…

My dear, dear friend...

Yes, my dear Asics 2150’s, we’ve had quite the run (literally and figuratively). You were my first pair of official running shoes and you carried me through rain, heat, cold, pavement, trail, mud…you name it, we went there (and conquered, might I add). I will never forget you, and you will always have a special place in my heart. But the time has come when I need to put you to rest. You’ve gone above and beyond duty, and we’ve logged at least 519.71 miles together, not counting the various workouts in the gym or on the treadmill. In my search to find a suitable replacement, I couldn’t find anything suitable. How does one replace you?!?! Well, I’ve found the answer…

So sparkly and full of promise...

Another you.

That’s right, thanks to the internets I was able to find another pair of 2150’s in 11 D for half their original price. I just got them today and I can’t wait to try them out. So excited about my new shoes…and the best part? I know I love this model, so I don’t have to worry about how it will compare to my last ones. I just couldn’t quite bring myself to go for the 2160’s. I did a bit of research, even tried a pair on at a local running store, but I just wasn’t sold on them. They were the same size I currently wear, but they were a bit too big on the one foot…I don’t know. Perhaps when I look to replace my new pair of 2150’s I’ll give the 2160’s or the newly released 2170’s a go. I’m just thankful that’s something I don’t have to think about for right now. And no, I won’t be trashing my first pair of 2160’s…they still have some life to them. I may use them for the occasional jaunt to the gym or perhaps for my next Warrior Dash. Call me sentimental if you must, but what can I say? We’ve got a history 🙂

In the world of training…I want to scale my mileage back up. I’ve noticed that I tend to dip a bit from week to week, and what I’m looking for is some consistency. So what do I do? Well I’m going to take another look at my next cycle of 21 day training week and make sure that within each third I am running at least 17 miles…then I want to bump that up to 20 miles per third…with the ultimate goal of running 26 miles every third. That’s right, after I get the half out of my way, I’ll be gunning for marathons. The only one who can stop me is me…and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.


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