Navy 5 Miler Update!

My first Navy 5 Miler has come and gone. The course had more hills and inclines than I cared for and expected, which made things a little tough. I did my best…not my greatest performance since I know I walked more (especially on the hills) and I didn’t hit my pace goal either. I finished in 01:08:59, which was below my standard 01:10:00 time for a 5 Miler so that at least was a plus given the walking and random moment when I stopped to assist an elderly runner who needed medical attention. New races always through me a little bit…I always think I do horribly, but when I look back it wasn’t so bad. I know I get distracted by looking out for cues and markers to alert me to how much farther I have to go. I also get kinda sidetracked trying to figure out what the terrain ahead of me will be…I suppose that’s why most runners suggest checking out a course prior to racing it. It was nice having my best friend run the race with me, but I didn’t want her to slow down just to run with me. So I told her to run her race and I’m glad she did. As someone who is normally a solitary runner, I think I am just accustomed to running by myself, not holding too much convo, and just tuning out. With no ipod present that day, it was just me, the road, and my fellow runners (note to self: when they say no headphones, chances are they won’t check you for them…or care if you bring them). Given all I’ve learned and the experience I’ve had in this year’s race…I DEFINITELY plan on racing again next year and look forward to a more informed run with an even better time! Next up…Marine Corps Marathon 10k! 🙂


One thought on “Navy 5 Miler Update!

  1. That is a race I should run… Considering I am a Navy vet.

    I stopped to assist an elderly runner who needed medical attention <—– Kudos!!! To many runners are to focused on time and would simply go by without even "noticing" – I'm VERY proud of you for that – way better than a PR! (I'll take humanity over speed any day.)

    I've always enjoyed not knowing a course – it keeps me from looking for that marker.. But then I also run with a GPS, so I do know how much further there is to go.. Hmm, I had never thought about this – I may have to put some thought into what I prefer…

    But regardless – Nice Job!

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