When the Body Says Stop…

You stop…if you’re smart that is.

Last week was minimal running, I only did 14 miles total and going into this week I was quite tired as well. Getting out of bed has proven to be a bit difficult these days. Lack of proper sleep and hydration coupled with a new job assignment has kinda wreaked a little havoc on my mental and physical being. I feel a little guilty about cancelling or even abbreviating some of my planned runs, but I just have not had it in me these past couple of weeks. I hope that I’m able to get settled into the new place and my new routine soon enough, goodness knows I do not believe in sacrificing a run just because of a job…or anything else really, lol.

Yesterday I had a 12 miler on the agenda…and I settled for 7. It was a tough little 7. The kind of run in which your legs remind you that you’d take too long of a break from longer runs at a quicker pace. The kind of run that you have to mentally push yourself through. Not a fan of those kinds of runs. But I am thankful that I finished, and in good time and decent enough pace. It’s just funny how after a break it seems as though we end up starting all over again. I had a 5 miler planned for this morning, but knowing how I was yesterday and the fact that I’ll be running the Navy 5 Miler this weekend, I decided not to kill myself trying to force a run that just wasn’t meant to be.

Speaking of the Navy 5 Miler…I’m excited about the race. This will be my first race of the fall season, and my best friend is coming into town to run it with me. For those of you who remember, this was the same bestie that ran with me in my first 5k a year ago. *smile* Isn’t it funny how time flies? And the progress one can make over the course of a year? Anywho, I’m looking forward to this Sunday’s race. I want to go in there fresh so that I can set a new PR for a 5 miler. Currently, my best 5 mi run clocked at 01:10:36. I want to run a (very) ambitious 01:05:00 for the Navy 5. That’s a 13 min/mi pace…where I’ve usually done anywhere from a 13:30 – 14:45 min/mi on runs when I’m actually trying. They’re not allowing headphones on the course (or at least I don’t think they are), so I can’t rely on music to give me the extra bump of energy. It’ll be me and the road…and my bestie of course. But I want it. I want that 01:05:00 time. So today I’ll rest, and perhaps tomorrow or Saturday do a quick 2 mile run, something light just to get the legs ready for Sunday.

In a completely unrelated note…I haven’t posted in an entire week! *sad face* I don’t like that. As much as I think about running, and as much as I think about posting, I can’t believe I haven’t done any posts since last week. The 21 Day Challenge really helped me get accustomed to posting about my runs. I need to do better!

Anyway, till next time! (which I promise will be in another few days)


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