How I Got my Voltron On…

Yes…today the stars and planets aligned, and all the running Gods smiled down upon me and I had a kick ass run. I went into this run with a purpose, and that purpose was to finish 4 miles in 56 minutes or less, which would put me under the 14 min/mi pace. The morning was lovely and cool as the seasons seem to have begun to change. I took off for the hillier natural trail, with the full understanding that I was going to own those hills!

It was a breezy little start at first, I wound up passing this older woman who was moving very quickly. I got a little bit of a boost when I passed her, but my how my balloon was deflated after she passed me (and left me in the dust) all but several minutes later, lol. God bless her, serves me right. I refocused my efforts on keeping a good pace and monitoring my footfalls and breathing to determine how fast I was going. Somewhere along the run, and I’m not quite sure where, perhaps around mile 2 I turned into this:

Yes, I looked EXACTLY like this on the running trails. People were both afraid and mesmerized by my awesomeness.

Yes…I turned into Voltron. I felt so very powerful and didn’t allow myself to slack off too much. I slowed a bit when I needed to, but I took those hills with confidence, never slacking off or slowing down to a walking pace. The cooler morning air seemed to work to my advantage as I was able to really push myself without worrying about that pesky humidity. My running app on my phone is still acting up, so I still can’t get my actual splits (AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!), but I took peeks at my time throughout the run and I realized I was going fast…just didn’t realize how fast until it was all over, lol. I finished my run in 00:53:09 with an ave pace of 13:16 min/mi. OMG!!!!! I was so excited when I saw my stats…I felt sooooo amazing! It truly made me walk a little taller as I began to head back to the car – I was pleased as punch, lol.  🙂

Tomorrow is a weight training day, but I may sneak an easy 2 miles in there as a treadmill warm up. Till next time!


2 thoughts on “How I Got my Voltron On…

  1. LETS GO VOLTRON FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fantastic job!!!! Hills can be one of the greatest feelings when you “get it” and everything just clicks!

    13:16 min/mi <—– 🙂

    Now.. Can you figure out why? What was different today?

    • i dont know…i think it may have been my attitude. i wanted to average a sub 14:30 min mi, so i just ran. no slacking off really, just pushing myself through, telling myself i could do it. i gauged my effort and went at what i thought was that pace. i surprised even myself when i saw my time in the end, but that goes to show you that a good part of running is all in your head.

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