A Great Start

Nothing is better than a nice run after a couple of days rest. I didn’t know what the trails would be like on account of Irene, so I took a run through one of my favorite neighborhoods instead. There were others out running and biking, so at least I wasn’t the only one who needed a ‘fix’. A couple of trees lost their branches, but thankfully there was no flooding so my sneakers remained dry. I did have climb over (and under) a couple of large trees that had fallen – hopefully park services will come and remove them soon. Aside from that, it was a lovely run. I decided to just open up and go for it. Often I’m worried that by pushing myself for speed I will lose out for endurance, but today I decided to just give it a try. My legs felt strong and I had several bursts of speed along the way. This was no easy lackadaisical jog, this was a run with a purpose. It felt so good to just push myself and feel my body respond to the increased effort. I finished my 6 miles in very good time: 01:22:15 with an average 13:43 min/mi pace. Truly, this was the kind of run I needed to get my week off to a great start!


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