How I Outran The Hurricane…

Well, I didn’t really out run it…at all, lol. I just kinda lucked out and was able to get a Thursday morning long run in. I set out with the intention of doing a 10 mile run, the longest run I’ve attempted in weeks, and admittedly I was a bit intimidated. My legs were (and are to date) feeling better since that heavy weight lifting session followed by the 5 mile run. All in all it went well, though by the halfway mark my legs started getting a little heavy. I took a 1 mile walk break around mile 6.5, which helped a little, but I knew my legs were spent. I rationed that either way I would have to make it back to my car, and the way the sky was getting darker the quicker I made it back the better. So I began what felt like a very slow jog and made my way back, with another .25mi walk break thrown in there.

Lesson learned that day: As much as I love my 3-5 mi runs, I need to do more 7-10mi runs in order to prepare.

My legs felt so dead afterwards, and truth be told I felt somewhat miserable towards the end of the run. I just don’t think I was mentally ready for it, and I feel like the shorter runs haven’t been preparing me for those longer distances either. Though it was a tough run, it was a good run, though not a great run. I’ve spent the past couple of days resting, but tomorrow is a nice little 4 mi run planned, which I may tweak to add a few more miles on.

Hope everyone else on the east coast has fared well with Hurricane Irene and all that. It wasn’t as bad here as folks were making it out to be, and for that I’m grateful. I’m sure the neighborhoods where I like to run will be a little flooded, but I’m hoping that it’ll be clear (or at least runable) by morning. 🙂


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