Hurts So Good

Tonight I write to you all in a bit of pain…you see, that intense weight-training session I had yesterday was a bit more intense than I’d thought. I woke up this morning extremely sore, pretty much all over, but especially in my quads. Which made this morning 5 mile run a bit more interesting. I ran through the soreness, as I figured I wouldn’t notice the pain as much after awhile (and I was right). It was a good run, nice 5 miler with some hills thrown in there. I walked when I needed to, but mostly ran the whole thing and finished in good time with an avg 14:45 min/mi pace. By the time I got to work, my poor legs felt rather misused and abused. My quads are really very sore, but I know it’s just because I really pushed myself hard yesterday during my session. I’m going to go soak in some Epsom Salt, and then call it a night. I’m thankful tomorrow is a rest day, because my legs will need it. Till next time!


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