21 Day Challenge: Day 19

Day 19: Rest

Annnd I’ve been doing lots of that…plus pigging out at the family reunion. When I come home to Jersey, I have no problem with filling my tummy with some good home cooked meals. It’s AWESOME!!!!! Lol, so I’ve been just relaxing and getting some family time in. No abdominal pains, so I’m guessing whatever it was isn’t a major.

My 21 day training week is steadily winding down, and I must say that I have been enjoying it. I think spreading out the kind of runs I do and alternating between the different types and distances has made my training a lot more interesting and fun. What I’ve found is that with my regular 7 day training week, there isnt enough rest time built in there and I began to dread my runs as it seemed as though there weren’t enough shorter runs built in. Training for a Half Marathon of course means that I need to increase my mileage, but I began to dread those Sunday long runs…to the point where I would skip them all together. You see, I really enjoy the shorter distances. A good 3 – 5 miles is always a nice way to wake me up and get my day started. With the way I’ve planned out my 21 day ‘week’ I’ve been able to incorporate more of those distances into my schedule, which makes me happy. The longer distances, like the 8-10 miles don’t seem as bad when they’re sandwiched between a couple of shorter fun runs. I’ve found that I’m doing more ‘fun runs’ than anything in this 21 day week as well…indeed, most of the runs are runs for fun, but I wind up keeping my tempo pace. I think between the changing of the weather and the alleviation of the stress to do better and run faster, I’ve found a happy place with my training.

I still haven’t registered for a Half Marathon yet, and I won’t rush into one either. It was my goal to run one this year, but truthfully I think I pschyed myself out of it. Not to say that I don’t believe I can do it, I know I can, but I’ve had a couple of tough long runs this year that have made me question if I am truly ready to tackle 13.1. I figure I’ll keep up with my training, continue to increase the length of my long runs, and tackle a 13.1 on my own. In my mind I have my own mental ‘wall’ of 10 miles. When I first began running, I had a wall of 4 miles…then the wall became 6 miles…then it became 8-10 miles. Clearly I have gone beyond those walls, and so they have gotten longer and bigger. I know I’ll get beyond the 10 mile wall. What I want to see myself accomplish is consistently running 9-10 miles. When I can do that and feel as good as I do after a 3-6 mile run, that is when I know it’s time to push for more. I’m still working toward that goal.

Sometimes I just need to admit to myself that for all my stubborn ways and tough girl attitude, there are obstacles, challenges, fears, and setbacks that come with attempting to achieve a goal. Those setbacks and challenges don’t make me a failure, they make me human. And overcoming them makes me a champion. 🙂


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