21 Day Challenge: Day 15

Day 14: 5 mi Tempo

Well I’m happy to report that I’m feeling a LOT better! I slept in a bit this morning, which put an outside run out of the question. Treadmill it is! I hit the gym for a nice little run and wound up altering the incline and speed as I felt like it, making sure to keep the run challenging. I wound up doing 4.25 miles since I didn’t get there early enough to do 5 miles before my yoga class. I averaged a 14:07 min/mi – kickin ass!!! The yoga class afterwards was a lovely cool down, though it took me a while to stop sweating profusely. Instead of the normal BodyFlow class I take, I took a Hatha Yoga class, which is more gentle on the body. I was able to get some really good stretching done, though there is still that all too familiar tightness in my right leg. I still “owe” myself for the 2 mi yesterday and the .75 I didn’t run today. Soooo I may just try to squeeze in an easy 3 mi tomorrow morning. Who knows…

On a completely unrelated note, I wanted to show you this clip:

My favorite clip from the Cosby Show. *sigh* Oh how I loved the tv shows from my childhood!


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