21 Day Challenge: Day 13

Day 13: Rest (part II)

Today I had no physical activity planned, as I had to be at work today and didn’t want to get up super early on a Sunday. *shrug* so sue me. I did have some time today to begin catching up on some past editions of Runner’s World, which is always nice. I also had some time to think about my training, my running and health goals, and muse about the day I’ll be able to buy one of those 13.1 stickers for my car. And my thoughts went something like this…

My weight has been fluctuating for the past month or so. It’s been about a 5-10 lb gain or loss every so often, but lately the numbers have been going in the wrong direction. I’ve thought about the reasons why this could be, and while I have come up with a number of feasible reasons it all boils down to this – my eating habits have begun to suck majorly. Too much of a bad thing is never a good thing, but I’ve been having a great time doing so, lol. However, I know I want to continue losing weight and getting healthier, so slacking off needs to stop. I need to begin holding myself more accountable. And so…I re-enrolled in Weight Watchers. I’ve actually been in the program before – it’s actually how I got started in running. Lost about 50lbs while on the program, so I know for certain it works. It helps me to think about what I’m putting on my plate and in my mouth.

Training has been going well, and I have found that I’m happiest running shorter lengths. Granted, I still want to run a half-marathon and eventually a marathon, but I love the shorter length runs. I’ve taken a look at some local races for the fall, and have gotten quite excited. Here are some I plan on running:

Cranberry Crawl 10k – this was the first 10k I’ve ever run. I ran it last year on my birthday as a kind of ‘birthday present’ to myself. This year I plan on returning, and finishing with everyone else…yea, I was so slow last year that they shut the finish line down before I got there. Not this year friends…I’m heading into this thing with the goal of keeping an average pace under 14 min/mi (my avg pace was 14:19 min/mi.

Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – running PLUS Hot Chocolate…can anything be better? DOUBT THAT! Instead of doing the 5k, I want to sign up for the 15k. I figure, it’s just short of a 10 miler, which is JUST short of a Half Marathon. Soooo, it’d be a nice little confidence booster.

Jingle All the Way 10k – I wanted to run this race last year, but I think the duties of my new job or perhaps bad weather or just fear of having to run another 10k kept me from going for it. Well…not this year! I’m really most excited about the fact that we get little bells to wear. Jingle all the way!!!!

As far as the beloved 13.1…Well the verdict is still out on that one. I’ve been looking into rental cars and logistics for the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend…it’s looking like that may be the one I try for. Either that or one of the NYC Marathons (this one or this one). Anyone ever run those? I’d love to hear thoughts…I’m leaning towards the second one – running a half marathon through Times Square?!?! AWESOME-SAUCE!!!!

Well I’m going to call it a night. Tomorrow is a simple 2mi tempo run, and I think I’m going to take it to the hills. Have a great one!


2 thoughts on “21 Day Challenge: Day 13

  1. Well done for noticing the eating habits! but you believe you have got me thinking! ,,,,since ive started running i’ve started to think “Oh well i ran 8 miles yesterday….sure i’m aloud to have a big slice of cake”!!!!! ……. I know a treat is great …..but jez I have to get out of the habit of getting bad food.

    • yea, a lot of runners ‘run to eat’ which can be a bit of a problem once you stop running as much. not really the best practice to have, admittedly, but ya know sometimes…after a grueling run or race, its not so bad to treat yourself to a little something. as long as thats not ALL the time 🙂

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