21 Day Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: 8 mi Easy

*singing* I had a great run todaaaaayyyy 🙂 Due to some errands I had to take care of in the morning, I got up a little earlier than usual, and hit the road for my run around 6.30am. The sun was just beginning to rise, and it was nice and cool out. No humidity, no need for sunscreen, no gasping for breath as i try to cool off…Just running in the nice cool breeze. I got excited as I felt the cold air on my lungs because I knew it’d be a good run, a comfortable run. My legs were still sore from yesterday’s yoga class…well my entire body was (and still is) rather sore from that class… it’s called BodyFlow by the way, a blend of yoga/pilates/tai chi – gotta love it.

In spite of the way I felt, I decided I was gonna go for the run anyway and did a bit of stretching before I got to it. I decided to take the the nature trail for this morning’s run since I wanted to take on the hills while there was no pressure to go at tempo. The weather made it a lot easier to get started and to keep up my energy. I made it 4 miles out without any issue, and as I began my return I noticed my legs had an extra little kick in them. Does this happen to anyone else? You know, it’s kinda like you’re making your way along and all of a sudden you get a natural boost and find a groove of sorts. It doesn’t always happen to me, and the feeling doesn’t always stay for a long time, but when it happens, it seems to happen somewhere around mile 4. I don’t know if the repetition of running just kinda kicks in and my legs take over, but I love it and I just run with it (pun intended! lol). 

God I can’t wait until the fall…the way I felt this morning…the cold air on my face and in my lungs…I miss that. Thankfully, things are starting to cool down a bit around here, but nothing beats that cool fall air. If I was super motivated, I might try to get up that early every morning to get a nice comfortable run in. In truth, it would be a possibility…but darn my bed is just sooooo comfy at that time in the am! For now, I’ll just continue to be pleased and bask in the glow from this morning’s run. WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!


One thought on “21 Day Challenge: Day 11

  1. Well done 🙂 , I think i know what you mean about the kick in your step, I noticed that aswell, I was beginning to notice the more i ran, I got into the ‘zone’ id be feeling very comfortable running at a good pace, weirdly if i ran slower it would be harder……….so hard to explain 🙂 …you are improving :)….i think maybe you are getting familiar with a pace that suits you prehaps

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