21 Day Challenge: Day 9

Day 9: Cross-train/Rest

I opted to rest…it was a late night last night and I just didn’t have it in me to get out of bed this morning to go to the gym. It’s not a big deal since tomorrow is another cross-train/rest day and I’ll have the time to go take a yoga class in the morning. I may even try to sneak in some weight training tomorrow as well.

On another note…

As I’ve been looking into more races and doing more reading on all things running, I’ve come across a few terms that struck me as odd…Clydesdale…and Athena. Naturally, I assume that these are some seriously superhuman runners. I envision them as powerhouses that dominate the race course – you know, the kinda runners that I myself would steer clear of, or more accurately, view from behind as they have clearly left me in their most awesome and fierce dust. Upon further research, and after reading this article…imagine my surprise when I found out that those terms are basically used for larger runners. You know, curvy girls and big husky fellas who like to hit the road and run.

I’m an Athena. *giggle*

As awesome as this sounds, and as much as I like the name…I dunno why folks feel the need to add the labels. Like…ok, we’re bigger than your average runner. We might run a little slower, breathe a little harder, sweat more, and take up more road space, lol. But can’t a runner just be a runner? I know there are the Elites and the Masters whose names definitely suit them and their amazing awesomeness. On the one hand…I think it’s kinda unnecessary to categorize us or make us out to be different. Naturally out on the road, its apparent that we’re not your average runner…or your elite one *smile* So why single us out?

On the other hand…I think it’s kinda bitchin *grin* I mean, they have races and divisions for Athenas and Clydesdales only, so that’s a nice opportunity to run with people who look like you…and might be as slow as you, lol. Sometimes it’s nice to be around other runners like that. I know I get excited when I see other curvy girls and big boys running – there’s a certain admiration/inspiration that comes from seeing them out there. I wouldn’t mind participating in a race that has an Athena class that I could participate in…might be nice to be around folks in my weight and age range for a run. Competing against my ‘peers’ would be a lovely change versus running among those who are clearly superior. Who knows, it might be some inspiration to actually compete against others versus just running for fun.

I think I’m going to look into this a little more. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy my Athena status. *giggle*

Till next time!


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