21 Day Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: 3 x 2 mi Tempo Intervals

Yea, I decided to change that to 2 x 3 mi instead and took a flatter course after the last attempt at a 3 x 2 mi. I started out ok, the first couple of miles are always a lil slow, but I finished at close to pace. Took a little walking/water break then I began for part two. I really shouldn’t have stopped running – towards the end of the first leg, I felt my ‘running legs’ kick in and I had a nice momentum going. Stopping at the end of that set and walking only to pick up and run another 3 miles again threw me off. I was slower on the second leg, and definitely tired. My ipod ran outta juice in mile 2 of the 1st leg, so it was just me and my thoughts, which sounded something like…

“gawd i hate this”

“whhhyyyy is it so hoooottt???”

“damn not another hill/incline?!?!”

“why am i going so slow?”


Of course sprinkled in there were my mini pep talk moments of…

“you’re almost there!”

“dont quit!”

“suck it up”

“move your ASS!!!”

“keep going!”


lmao, I’m my own personal drill sergeant when I wanna be. *shrug* Nonetheless, I finished the second leg. I can’t say it was a particularly strong finish nor a weak one…but it was a finish and I was thankful it was over. The sets looked something like this:

Set 1: 3.07 mi in 44:17 with an avg pace of 14:26 min/mi…pretty good, right on tempo.

Set 2: 3.0 mi  in 44:37 with an avg pace of 14:52 min/mi…I was almost a good 30 seconds slower on the way back

On my second set and on the way back to my car after the run was over I had some time to ponder. Mostly I wondered why it seems like it’s been harder for me to run at a faster pace. Granted I know I haven’t been hydrating like I should, and in weather like this that is a BIG mistake. This time last year I was a good 10-15 lbs heavier and looking back, my times were A LOT slower than what I’m doing now (almost 2 min slower). So I know there’s been improvement…but I just FEEL slow. Granted…when I look at the data (I use Map My Run to track all my runs) from last summer, then look at last fall…by the time September/October hit I was hitting 14:30 min/mi quite easily. So maybe I’m just a polar bear runner – I hate the heat and humidity of this area, that much I know. But to see how much my running improved once it got colder out is really something else. The data shows it…the colder it got outside, the faster I got outside. *sigh* It does give me a little hope for improvement as the seasons change. For now, I’m sticking with it – I’m not gonna give up. We’ll just keep going!


2 thoughts on “21 Day Challenge: Day 8

  1. To reassure you – running slower in the heat is normal, adn documented. here is a link to a blog that discusses it: http://www.lastmilelounge.com/2011/08/heat-is-on-training-in-heat.html

    The pertinent part (for those who don’t want to read more than they have to)



    Adjustment for Humidity > 60%
    55°F-60°F +5 sec/mi +10 sec/mi
    60°F-65°F +15 sec/mi +25 sec/mi
    65°F-70°F +30 sec/mi +45 sec/mi
    70°F-75°F +40 sec/mi +1:05 min/mi
    75°F-80°F +1:10 min/mi +1:45 min/mi
    80°F-85°F +2:00 min/mi +3:00 min/mi
    85°F+ Not Recommended Source

  2. OMG! i can relate to that so much 🙂 , I left my ipod at home once, I swear to god the negative thoughts racing through my head was terrible hahhahaha 🙂 ….but its good to leave the music at home for a day , listen to your breathing and get mentally strong

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