21 Day Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Easy 3 mi

Well…well…well…We’ve come to the end of the first third of my training week! So far I’ve been able to stick with the plan, minus some minor adjustments. I’m feeling food, keeping entertained, and no longer dreading Sundays, which were becoming synonymous with leaving my comfy bed to run outside for hours on a long run. Variety is the spice of running that this Curvy Girl craves!

On the agenda today was an easy 3 miles…a nice way to ease back into running after my little rest period this weekend. I started out at an easy pace, but the pace turned out to be a little too easy – I wound up doing a 16 min mi, which was a good minute slower than I’d planned. Wanting to maintain a 15 min/mi pace I sped things up a bit for the remained of the run. Now, my tracking program is still wacky so I dunno my splits for certain, but I do know that I finished with an avg pace of 15.03 min/mi and a 3.99 mph avg speed. From keeping an eye on my time, I was able to guess that my splits went a little like this:


I mean…it was an ok run in that I felt good, but it wasn’t the easy run I wanted. In trying to make up for taking it too easy, I went and ran tempo. Bad me…*sigh* Ah well, lesson learned. Let an easy run BE an easy run…regardless of how easy you think it should or shouldn’t be.


One thought on “21 Day Challenge: Day 7

  1. It’s always been hard for me to hold back on easy days but, I’m slowly learning to and glad I am. Another thing I’m learning with my training this time around is to not be so obsessed about pace. I’m trying to focus more on my “perceived effort” as a guide for how slow or fast I run vs. the time on my watch. The way I see it: if you felt good during your run, you had a good run.

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