21 Day Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: 2 x 1 mi Speed

…well at least that’s what was on the agenda.

Since it was planned to be a short run, I thought it’d be better to just hit the treadmill at the gym, crank up the speed, and just have at it. About a quarter of the way through the treadmill run I realized I just did not want to do this for 2 miles. So I finished my first set, which ended up being quite good:

1.19 mi in 16:30 with an avg pace of 13.87 min/mi and an avg speed of 4.33 mi/hr.

Since I chumped out of my second round I wanted to find something else to do that would work my legs. I took to strength training as the remedy and hit the weights. I did a nice little workout at a 10-15lbs heavier weight than I usually do and added more reps per set. The goal was to almost exhaust my legs. I can report that, a few hours later, I’m still ok. It may bite me tomorrow though.

I may use the speed days in my 21 day week training as days for speed/hills or other drills that will help me get a lil faster, a little stronger, a little better. So far, so good with this plan.4 days down…17 more to go! Ha 🙂


One thought on “21 Day Challenge: Day 4

  1. Way to stick with it! Seriously though, speed work of any sort sucks, so even doing the first round is good.

    Hills are always a great speed workout as well – but have you thought about fartleks?

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