21 Day Challenge – Day 3

Day 3: Tempo 6 mi

For me this meant I would be avoiding the hills once more and taking a run on the streets through one of my favorite neighborhoods. The run was a little shaky at first, since I was still tired, a little groggy, and my legs seemed to be a little heavy this morning. I knew I wasn’t quite at the right pace when I started out, and by mile 2 I contemplated just turning back and walking the 2 miles back to my car.

But for whatever reason I kept going.

Mile 3 was a little better and I was able to pick up the pace a bit. By mile 4 I felt stronger and was able to quicken up by taking shorter, lighter strides. Before I knew it mile 5 and 6 came and went. I will say that by the end of it all my legs felt a little spent. I wonder if that is due to lack of rest or what…but I’m glad that this new little ‘quick step’ of a stride I’ve adopted helps to alleviate some of the dead weight feeling I get sometimes.

Since my tracking program is no longer recording my splits *angry face* I can’t say exactly how the run went from beginning to end in terms of pacing. But I know my average pace was a 14:26 min/mi with an average speed of 4.15 mi/hr and I covered 6.02 mi in 01:26:58. So I was able to be on the right-ish pace (I was aiming for a 14:30 min/mi so I was a little faster) and still manage to take a brief ‘walking break’ (as I crossed the streets and tried to avoid getting hit by cars). I’m happy with the run, proud that I got out there and got it done, and I’m looking forward to my quick 2 miler tomorrow.

On another note…I must admit that while I am training for a half marathon, I haven’t actually PICKED one yet. I know I’d like to run it when it’s kinda cool outside as I am not a fan of summer running. I’ve been debating the following races:

Atlantic City Half & Full Marathon in mid Oct (pro: it’d allow me to go home and visit family in nj. con: finding a place to stay in atlantic city)

Baltimore Full/Half Marathon in mid Oct. (pro: it’s close to where i am, so no need for lodging if i didnt want to stay; different location; i could stay at the harbor that weekend cons: none really)

Wilson Bridge Half Marathon early Oct (pro: it’s close, as in…i run this area almost daily cons: i want my first Half to be new and exciting…i dont think i’d get that from a race along a route i normally run)

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend in Feb 2012 (pro: it’s DISNEY WORLD!!!; it’s DISNEY WORLD!!!; did i mention it’s Disney World? cons: it’d be a logistical nightmare if i went solo…which i think i would; the entire trip could prove to be a little cost prohibitive on such short notice)

With 3 of the 4 races coming up very soon, I think a decision needs to be made. I am leaning towards the Disney one, but I think to be realistic I might go for the Baltimore run and make a nice little weekend of staying at the harbor. I’m hoping to make my decision by the end of this month…or at least by Labor Day. Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “21 Day Challenge – Day 3

  1. Sounds like your run started like mine did. Glad you got through it. I haven’t done any of the races you’re considering but, my wife has done Disney and she thought it was cool. My in-laws have done the B’more race; that one is a little hilly. Another race to consider is the Shamrock Half-Marathon in VA Beach. It’s in March and a family fav (we all do it every year). I’m from NJ, too. Which area are you from?

    • Thanks for the heads up about the Bmore race. The Disney run is definitely the front runner and my dream race, lol.How cool is it that your whole family runs?! I’m originally from South Jersey. What about you?

  2. I’ve found during my half marathon training sometimes after only 2 miles i meant feel exhausted but it passes and i might be amazing 2 miles later, not sure why???? maybe it’s lack of a warm up, im terrible for doing warm ups 🙂

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