21 Day Training Challenge: Day 2 – Rest

I know I just started my 21 day training week yesterday, and yea it may seem a bit premature to put a rest day in as day 2, but hey? Why not?? 🙂

So today was a rest day and I did no running, no lifting, no yoga. Just a normal day where I kinda had a bad lunch and an even worse dinner with a couple of drinks to follow. When I rest…I rest WELL! lol. In all seriousness, it was a nice day today. I’m trying to train my body to be able to get up around 5.30am. If I can at least open my eyes around then, I know I can be out of bed by 6am – yea, it takes me a good 30 minutes to get out of bed. I think part of what has been holding me back with those morning runs is that I wait until the last minute so the runs feel rushed and thus less pleasant. I hate the hot weather, so I need to run before the sun comes out…which means I need to be up before the sun comes out. Which means I need to get enough sleep the night before…which means I need to go to sleep at a decent hour. See how it all relates?

Tomorrow is a tempo 6 mi and I’m looking forward to hitting the flat residential area for a nice run. For now, I’m calling it a night. Till tomorrow!


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