21 Day Training: Day 1

I’m going to try and chronicle how I feel/do for this first set of a 21 day training week.

Today was Day 1: Easy 4mi. I decided since I was going to go easy, I was going to have a bit of fun and just relax. It was lovely out this morning and I was out just around the time of sunrise. Here are a few shots I managed to capture:

I took my time, decided to skip the ipod since listening to it just makes me run faster. Perhaps I should put together an easy run playlist. I’m sure that’d be useful on days when I don’t want the silence. Still, this morning I didn’t mind the quiet – it gave me time to think and just listen to the sounds around me.

The trail I ran today was one of my favorites. It’s a nice relatively flat route that starts along the nature trail and winds up in a quaint little neighborhood by the water. In my mind I knew I wanted to keep about a 15 min/mi pace…it’s an easy run remember? *smile* I didn’t feel particularly exhausted or as though I was overexerting myself, I felt just fine. It was the equivalent of taking a nice little stroll – you’re just going along, taking it all in, enjoying the journey.

When I hit the halfway mark I decided to start up a nice incline to try and incorporate some hills into the easy run. It wasn’t so bad. Again, I was taking my time, and the only concerns I had about my pace were making sure I wasn’t going too fast. On a hill, going too fast is never a problem I have, lol. My run continued along just find and I took on yet another incline for the last .5mi of the run. I wound up doing 4 mi in 1:00:32. My avg pace was 15.12 min/mi, which is right around where I wanted to be. A nice little easy run to start my extended week of training and to ease me into the day.

Have a great one!


3 thoughts on “21 Day Training: Day 1

  1. Fantastic!! its important to take the time to enjoy ourselves while we aer out there. We may run for fitness, weight loss or countless other reasons, but truely – we run because we enjoy it. Its waaaaaaay to easy to forget that.

    I may (thanks to reading your post today!) start to set one day aside as “fun-run” day. No music, turn off my announcements of pace on my Cardio trainer, and just run because I WANT to. (it obviously won’t be a morning run..)

    Do you find (in general) that you run slower on trails? I suspect that it is more enjoyable due to improved scenery and sounds, but haven’t done any trail running yet (as there are no trails nearby.. and I hate to drive to a run location for a daily run).

    So is part of your 21 day challenge – doing a daily posting on the blog?

  2. I highly recommend incorporating a fun run into your schedule. It’s a great way to boost your spirits about running in general and its a nice lil break from the training, which can sometimes be a drag.

    as for running slower on trails…well the trail I run is hilly, so because of that I tend to run slower. when I take residential routes, I do tend to go a lil faster because the course is usually flatter, plus I think the residential scenery makes me think I’m going faster since time goes by quicker. when you’re running among trees…there’s just trees, lol. not a lot of change, but with road running there’s more to see and keep your mind going. I drive about 10-15 min from my home to run the trail. sometimes if the scenery is lovely and if you love the trail, its worth the drive (if u have the time).

    and yes, as part of the 21 day workout week challenge, I’m going to try to post every day. *whew* let’s see how well this goes!

  3. Well done 🙂 , sometimes it’s great not to listen to music and hear your breathing 🙂 , I started only running 7 weeks ago with no experience running 🙂 .

    I set a challenge to run a half marathon in 12 weeks 🙂 , on week 7 now 🙂 , had some ups and downs 🙂 ha!! to be expected…

    Here in bed going to read the rest of your posts now 🙂 yaaaaay !

    http://www.12weeks12miles.wordpress.com < that's me 🙂

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