…It’s Just What I Do!

ive had loved ones and random strangers caution me against the dangers of running. bed for the joints. awful on the knees. and all i can do is nod my head respectfully and thank them for their advice. they don’t understand…

i’m a runner.

i don’t do it to lose weight. i’m not trying to reach a certain size or fit into my ‘skinny jeans.’ sweating is ok. a little heat is just fine. rain isn’t TOO terrible. just as long as the road is clear i’m good to go. over the past year, somehow i’ve fallen in love. with running shoes. negative and even splits. hill drills. and 5ks. i love running just because.

i’m a runner.

i know for some, running is a means to an end. or just another way to shed a few pounds. and thats ok, for we all have our reasons for hitting the road. but you know what? i just love to be out there running. just DOING it. its my own little pleasure…

i’m a runner.


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