For the Love of It

Today I ran. Yea, it was a training run and I had to cover 5 miles. Normally I would turn the ipod up full blast and just power my way through. But today I wanted peace. I wanted to just go run and not worry about what turn to take, how much further I had to go, who’s looking at me as I slowly jog by.

So I took to the trails instead of taking my normal route through the city. And I kept my ipod off. Just a girl, her thoughts, and nature. It was lovely. I got to see all kinds of beautiful sights as I took in my surroundings. I saw plenty of beautiful little birds, cute little squirrels, and even a lovely little turtle along the way. I got to think…about a lot of different things. I didn’t worry about my pace. I just ran. With my mind focused elsewhere, my body was left to run at its leisure. I didn’t feel tired or bored or anything. It just felt GOOD.

Sometimes I think I get so caught up in the training part of why I run that I forget that, ‘hey, I actually LIKE running!’ Today was a reminder of that. I ran for the love of it. I ran for running’s sake. Damn the training. Damn the pressure of going faster. Damn the distractions of running through the city with the sounds of Lil Wayne blaring in my ear.

It was just quiet.

Just nature.

Just running.

Just me.

And I loved it. All 5.73 miles of it… 😉


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