Mo’ Miles, Mo’ Problems

I have been logging a lot of miles lately. And the more miles I run, the farther the long runs get…I run into a problem. Namely I get a little intimidated by the distance and then the run becomes more difficult. I’ve been putting in the work, making the most of my runs, but Sundays (the day I do my long runs) have been a little challenging over the past few weeks.

It all started with what I will call, the 9 miler from hell…I went out, tried a new course, didn’t bring any water, and oh yea it was freakin hot and humid outside. That was the first time I actually did not enjoy a run. It was hard…like punishment. And all I could do was try my best to finish. I walked about half of it because I just had no juice left. I can do 6 – 7 miles with minimal issues and keeping my standard pace…but that day when I went for 9 I was out of my league. I loved the new course, but was sadly unprepared for all the hills and steep inclines that it had. *sigh* It was not a run that I am proud of. I’ve rebounded since then…doing 8 miles on the next long run, and even today I went for 9 and did a damn good job in comparison to the last one – I KEPT running this time.

But I wonder…maybe I need to ‘train’ myself to get more comfortable with these longer distances? Training for the half marathon has been going well, but that’s because I’d been running distances I’m used to by now. My 5 milers are getting better, stronger, and a little faster. I’m finding it’s a good distance for me to get into a rhythm and really go for it. But when I think of 9 miles…and then next week’s long run is supposed to be 10? *sigh* I don’t know. It’s not that I don’t believe I can do it…well, ok truthfully a little part of me believes that, though I know it’s illogical. But man…the longer I run the more real this goal of running a half marathon becomes.

It can be a little daunting truth be told.

I guess I just need to figure out what works for me. Maybe I will go back and do another 9 for next week’s long run instead of the 10. Maybe I will start off EXTRA slow so that I don’t feel so burned out by the end. Maybe, maybe, maybe…It’s times like these where I wish I had a running buddy. Someone to just cheer me on and tell me to move my ass up that hill. Instead, I just yell these things in my head…lol, effective yes. But somehow not as fun. *shrug* But I’m going to keep going. Stopping really isn’t an option. I’m a runner. It’s just what I do.

Here’s to hoping that the next long run is a fun one. I’m letting my mind get into my running, and I think that’s also what’s throwing me off. I just need to tune out and run. For fun. 🙂

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