Switchin It Up

I think I am slowly coming out of my running slump. I’ve kept up with my runs, but have found that as they’ve gotten progressively longer, I’ve become a little exhausted. Some days it’s a lil harder to want to get out of bed and go run 6-7 miles. I’ve been a lil tired lately…and the miles, while they pile on, were getting to be a little boring to me. I fell into a routine which landed me in a rut. I’ve been running for a year now (wooohoo!!!) and that’s the longest I’ve stuck with any physical activity, so I know that running is something that I genuinely love.

I just needed to find a way to keep my interest up, to stay challenged. My pace is faster than when I first began, but I know that it’s been hovering around the 14:40 min/mi mark for awhile – too long if you ask me. In my last couple of runs, I’ve began to push myself…to really GO and RUN. On one run in particular, without thinking, my pace was excellent – around a 13 min/mi pace – and though it felt like a bad run, I realized by the end of it all that it was actually a FANTASTIC run. I’m learning to push myself and am slowly becoming less intimidated by the idea of giving it all I’ve got.

My music selection has changed a little as well; more specifically, I’ve added some new music to the mix. I’ve found that I really love listening to pop/hip hop mash ups. They give me the best of both worlds – the upbeat happy beats that help me to keep a good pace combined with lyrics of some of my favorite rap/hip hop songs. On my run today I was in musical heaven! I’d recently downloaded a free CD from mash up artist Girl Talk, and boy…it was AWESOME! It sounded like a solid hour or so of just all of the songs I’ve liked, loved, and didn’t know. It kept me upbeat, kept my mind active as I sang along to tunes I knew, and it made my run that much more enjoyable.

Lastly, I went and ran a new route. I’d been talking about ding this for a little while now, and I thin I was just waiting for the point where I felt confident enough in my running to take it elsewhere. Normally, I have a trail that  like to run. It’s where I began running, and a I’ve added longer runs I’ve slowly expanded how far out I’ve been able to venture. That has been great for me, however it’s the shorter distances that have kept  me a little bored. Today I took my run to  new location…I’ve always admired the runners and bikers that I would see on the Mt Vernon Trail as I would ride by on the train. Today it was my turn to take to the trail. I got to do a little exploring…see how far I could go on the trail, and get a feel for the terrain. Lots of hills…but my legs kept me going, I stayed strong. I just wanted to keep going, I was enjoying the newness of it all. The run ended well for me. I did 4.32 miles in 01:00:53 and my average pace was 13:46 min/mi! I could feel the effort my legs were putting into the run, and though at times it was a little hard as I trudged up a hill, all in all I felt as though I had a good rhythm going. *smile*

Tomorrow’s run will be a short one – I’m only planning for 2 miles, so I might hit the treadmill for that one and try to do some incline work there. Truthfully, I’m just glad that I was able to reinvigorate my running today. I’m looking forward to the next time I get to go back on the trail!


2 thoughts on “Switchin It Up

    • It’s coming along. I think I’m getting a little intimidated by all the miles I’ve been logging, so I’m just trying to get out of that mentality that I can’t do it because the reality is that I AM doing it. 🙂 I see that you’ve been going strong still! I really want to get a pair of vibrams for the summer. I miss that barefoot feeling when I run.

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