How I Ate a Hippopotamus

So I’m just getting back into the swing of things since I took off a week to do absolutely nothing but stuff my face and sleep. Yea, yea I know, lol. Today’s goal was to do 6 miles. Now, I have a normal route I like to run, but seeing as how I told myself I’d switch things up a bit, I tried a new route. I mapped it out ahead of time using (great site by the way), and it looked like it would be about 7.7 miles, which was fine since I like to walk about a mile after I’ve finished running in order to recover.

As I was getting started on the run, I knew I wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t know exactly where I was going, and my pace felt really slow. I began to get discouraged…

Maybe I should turn back?

Maybe I should put off the run another day?

Why did I decide to do this?

Oh, my legs are still sore from the other run…maybe I should just rest today?

All these nagging thoughts and reasons as to while I should have turned back and called it quits. But I kept pushing forward. I realized that if I was gonna eat this hippo of a run then I was going to have to do it one ‘bite’ at a time. So instead of a continuous run, I listened to my body and broke the run down into manageable pieces. When it was all said and done, the breakdown for today looked like this:

Part 1: 2.17 mi in 00:30:29 with a 13.37 min/mi average pace (WAY faster than I thought I was going, so I was encouraged)

Then I walked for many 30-60 seconds

Part 2: 1.19 mi in 00:17:00 with a 14.07 min/mi average pace (closer to what I normally run, which was good since I was trying to slow myself down some)

Walked for another 60 seconds

Part 3: 1.05 mi in 00:16:49 with a 15:49 min/mi average pace (definitely in the slow range, and I was beginning to feel some burnout)

Part 4: I decided to just walk this one and did 1.45 mi in 00:25:38 with a 17.30 min/mi average pace

Part 5: 1.26 mi in 00:20:11 with a 15.33 min/mi average pace (I did better than the run in part 3, but I was still dragging)

In all I ran 5.67 miles and walked 1.45 miles for a grand total of 7.12 miles covered this morning. That doesn’t include my little walk breaks nor the additional walking I had to do to get back to my apartment, but still…I’m pleased. Instead of giving up on what seemed to be a task that seemed to be too much for me, I broke it down and made it possible in my own way and time.

And so I ate a hippopotamus today…one bite at a time.


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